Likely a polarizing film not because of the political commentary, but because of the amount of kids and dogs murdered. The violence is certainly a focal point, but never the objective. Bacurau spends its first half establishing a small town and it’s eccentric cast of characters. Any time you think you’re going to be following a main character it moves on to something new. This movie is an onslaught of moving on to something new, and as much as it’s entertaining and buck wild, I found it hard to focus on any one theme.

The second half introduces our old friend Udo Kier and his gang of mass shooting enthusiasts invade our sleepy little town of Bacurau. Certainly influenced by the great westerns and Kurosawa’s samurai flicks, but stands uniquely on it’s own playing with your expectations from those influences and goes in the opposite direction. I didn’t have a bad time watching Bacurau, but the commentary is often so over the top it made and semblance of a plot so muddy.