Chadley Says

This is what happens when a writer starts and ends a screenplay with a single idea. Conceptually, Bloodshot should be fantastic, but it fails to capitalize on its biggest strengths. This movie follows an ex military man, played by Vin Diesel, as he’s rebuilt by a tech company to be a vengeance driven weapon. This movie never explains why anything is happening. It’s not clear why this tech company, run by Guy Pierce, was so adamant on creating this weapon or why they are so interested in assassinating the list of people they send Bloodshot after. This movie also looks incredibly cheap, with obvious green-screening galore. The action sequences are heavily influenced by this, and thus don’t really drive the plot the way that they should. The villains are also incomprehensibly evil. The motivation is nearly non-existent and some of them just flitter back and forth between their convictions for seemingly no reason. Near the end of the film, there are a couple of interesting interactions, but even the most important uses of character development are swiftly shut down. The big problem here is that the movie doesn’t earn your empathy, and so you’re stuck with a cast of characters you don’t care about as they barely struggle to crawl to the finish line. Bloodshot had some serious potential, as the valiant comic book series on which it’s based is unique and interesting, but the writers here are truly at fault for ensuring that you have as little fun and connection to the story as possible.

2 / 5