Directed by Elizabeth Banks

Chadley Says

It’s so disheartening to watch as Kristen Stewart works so hard to pull a charred corpse from a burning building. 2019’s Charlie’s Angels fails on every single level. This movie starts off innocently enough, with the angels showing off some fantastic, albeit contextless, espionage on a a millionaire sexist trying to make a housewife out of working women. Here, the message of women’s empowerment is at its strongest but this message takes a backseat to a variety of jabs and jokes seemingly at the expense of this message. Kristen Stewart is a delight and creates a unique character around the material, however this angel is merely in the background of Naomi Scott’s boring and personality-devoid role. Unfortunately, this movie, jam packed with characters, takes advantage of none of its strengths and focuses mostly on razzle dazzle, which almost defeats the purpose altogether. It’s a chalky, confusing and overall baffling piece of filth that ought not to be seen by any fan of the espionage genre.


Buck Says

Elizabeth Bank’s terrible passion project, that she put no effort into. It’s like you take every terrible aspect of an action film and just pop in Kristen Stewart beating the shit out of someone and hope we ignore it. To be fair Kristen Stewart is basically the only interesting character, but Ella Balinska, Naomi Scott, and BANKS herself are charisma vacuums. Patrick Stewart looks like he’s propped up by wooden dowels. It’s an endless quest to find a google home hub that apparently can murder people but I don’t know how because it was hard to pay attention. Endless action scenes that result in nothing of value, but at least I wasn’t looking at my phone during those sections.

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆