SIX YEARS IN A ROW – The Animated Extravaganza 2019, dubbed HEXOLO. We cover an impressive amount of films in this feature length episode. We covered some of the big ones like Toy Story 4/ Lego Movie Part 2 on the regular episodes, but these are a special brand of trash. Running with some big hitters like Frozen 2, and Dreamworks embarrassing output of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (put a number on it) and Abominable. In case you haven’t had enough Yeti talk we also cover the new Laika output, Missing Link. Netflix scoring big with multiple animated Oscar noms, we will be covering I Lost My Body. Sturgill Simpson made an animated Visual Album that’s arguably better than every animated movie this year. It’s also WES ANDERSON appreciation month so we tag Fantastic Mr. Fox on the show. 

Source: Movie Epidemic