Chadley Says

While One Child Nation has some structural problems that toss the audience around quite a bit with misleading terminology, it’s ultimately a very fascinating and heart breaking experience. This documentary tackles the issue of homes affected by the Communist party’s One Child Policy that was in place in China from the early 1970s until 2015. There are moments of true desperation and anguish for a generation of people who lived through a horrific and strictly enforced atrocity that haunts an entire nation 5 years later. This movie is quite graphic and showcases a lot of the seedy underbelly of this situation, sometimes even to a fault when I don’t believe it’s ultimately necessary to get its points across. It’s a baffling and dehumanizing watch that will quickly chomp away an hour and a half, but be prepared to look away in disgust and terror at least a dozen times.

4 / 5