Directed by Mark Lewis

Chadley Says

Don’t Fuck With Cats is a haunting and terrifying look at serial killers in the modern age and how atrocity can be predicted and potentially stopped. This movie follows a group of internet vigilantes as they work to track down a sociopathic animal abuser using only the means of the internet available to them. The idea is fascinating enough to stand on its own, but the presentation here is extremely informative and keeps you wholly engaged for the entire 3 hour runtime. The talking head documentary style has never been a favorite form of presentation for me, and yet here they use a plethora of visuals and websites to ensure that you’re never bored or feel disconnected from the two main subjects, Deanna Thompson and John Green who are both admittedly flawed people whose actions result in both positive and negative retribution. Around the half way mark, the movie goes from being twisted and uncomfortable to downright horrifying and scary, as of course, this movie is based on a real person. As you enter the third hour, you may wonder how they intend to hold your attention, but a janky twist of events quells those concerns so quickly. This movie is terrifying and has images you will wish you never saw, and as a documentary it is a spectacular feat of direction and editing to ensure the audience doesn’t want to miss a single second of the horror.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★