The year was 1972 and MGM dives right in to producing more Shaft, Gordon Parks and Richard Roundtree are back for more.

Shaft’s fuck session is interrupted by a Call from his old friend Cal Ashby. After a 20 minute driving session to the new Shaft music he arrives at Cal’s to find a bomb went off, and oops all the money’s gone. Why did it take 20 minutes, was the intro in real time?

No Issac Hayes? That’s gonna be a big no from me dawg. Director Gordon Parks did composition it’s just not as funky. Sounds closer to cruise ship lounge music.

Police Captain is black this time. A Steve Harvey looking mother fucker, no longer feels groundbreaking in the genre only 1 year later, now it’s just a cop movie.

This brings us to the main plot dead man Asby’s business partner Kelly owes mob boss Mascola $250000. Ironically this is exactly how much Asby had in his safe. Asby and Kelly were running a numbers racket, so get Shaft on the case to find out who murdered this man. Mind you this is 30 fucking minutes into the film, nothing really has happened but Roundtree somehow makes it entertaining. He’s less cool now and more chic, or debonair like a black James Bond. To late Idris Elba, Roundtree already did it. Shaft is out here attending lavish funerals, maybe this is foreshadowing, I don’t know (I do know).

Shaft fucks around and tries to talk to Mr. Kelly’s girlfriend, she fucks him. You almost see his roundtree dick root. Lounge music while fucking instead of Issac Hayes sucks!

The movie has lost its identity, it could be anywhere, the mobster is in the suburbs and Shaft is hanging out in fancy nightclubs in Queens.

Weird slow mo fight scenes while women in gold and silver body paint dance. The back and forth would be great film making but the music doesn’t match him getting his ass kicked very slowly.

The movie looks more expensive, a lot of it takes place in the daytime outside and again it loses the gritty feel of the original, simply by being more polished.

This is where it starts to get a bit silly but hey I’m along for the ride at this point.

Asby had agreed to buy Kelly out, and that Kelly was going to use the money to pay his debts. Shaft believes that Kelly instead killed Asby to gain control of the businesses and the numbers racket, as well as to retain the $250,000 to pay Mascola.

At this point Mascola who earlier laughed at the idea that a guy named “Shaft” was dangerous is know sending every hitman in New York at Shaft, this shit is like John Wick dudes are popping up out of every crevasse.

Turns out the money was located, (remember the foreshadowing?) in Asby’s grave all along. Uhhh ok then. Shaft goes on one of his classic killing sprees, this gripping conclusion has a car chase, helicopter chase AND boat chase. What did we do to deserve that many good chases?

The Steve Harvey Police chief wants the money, but Shaft implies it was donated to a child care clinic. That Shaft is a good bloke when he isn’t banging your girlfriend!