Directed by the Legendary Nicholas Michael Jacobs

Chadley Says

You must be joking with this. Director of last year’s worst film Night has come back around for another serving of some of the most astoundingly poor film making I’ve ever witnessed. The lack of understanding of the industry is truly uncomfortable and makes for an abysmal watch. This horror anthology follows a mysterious figure named The Visitor as he meanders through a cemetery observing graves, which then cuts to the story of how each person died. There’s 3 stories altogether and each one is horrendous and worse than the last. This seems impossible as you will notice instantly that the first story is poorly shot, edited, acted, lit, and the sound mixing is inexcusable. Like, it’s almost like director Nicholas Michael Jacobs has never seen a movie before and he’s trying to create one based on someone loosely describing the concept. This isn’t a joke. This isn’t a ‘so bad it’s good’ kind of film. It’s a painful watch and I would implore anyone to stay as far away from it as possible.


Buck Says

Nicholas Michael Jacobs is arguably my favourite working director. My eyes light up when his new films hit my inbox. Now “Tales From Six Feet Under” may be completely abhorrent, and at 45 mins can barely be considered a film, it’s still much better than his previous films “Night” and “Urban Fears”. While there is a simple lack ability when it comes to lighting, sound, and cinematography, sometimes there’s a shot framed correctly and I get really excited.

Tales from SIX feet under seems to imply there would be 6 sections in this anthology, but alas there is only 3 (probably for the best). The first one is nearly impossible to see since there is no lighting, and impossible to hear dialogue over the music because there is no sound mixing. Kind of liked the demon monster though!

The second is some sort of incomprehensible slasher meta, starring Nicholas himself. I guess it’s the best looking section.

The third made me blood red mad as it’s all done via text message, but while filming the phone screen it’s too blurry and small to make out anything they are saying.

Good for a laugh, but hard to ignore the obvious home video quality of the whole thing.


The film will be out on Amazon Prime Video come April 15th of this year!