Directed By Feras Fayyad

Chadley Says

While extremely similar to last year’s For Sama, The Cave manages to find its own identity in its focus on chemical warfare and the repercussions they have on the general population of Syria. This movie follows a pediatrician operating a hospital in underground tunnels built to allow Syrians to take shelter from the constant bombing and air raids that take place. It’s an eye opening experience that should be seen, as the horrific images displayed in just under 2 hours are an illustration of 5 years of pain and suffering that are being allowed by the citizens of this world who refuse to be informed about the state of Syria. There are heart wrenching moments of terror as injured children cry out for their recently murdered parents and citizens scramble for safety in fear of painful and unjustified death. Much like For Sama, I do believe that everyone should watch this movie just so we can know exactly what we as a nation are condemning people to when we refuse Syrian refugees access into our country. It doesn’t quite have the personal touch that For Sama has, but the imagery here is incredibly powerful and important.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Buck Says

Narratively not as strong as the other Syrian War Oscar Nominated Doc “For Sama”, but manages to capture the fear/danger of living in this region extremely well. Watching these people try to run a hospital in a cave while bombing planes are attacking, and the sheer panic is true horror. Every silence is earned, every horrific action is on display, extremely devastating look.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆