Chadley Says

Every now and again, something comes along that is so intentionally upsetting but so soaked in layers of metaphors that you can’t help but love every second of it. The Platform is that movie right now. This movie transports its audience to a surreal and uncomfortable purgatory as the main character wakes up in vertical prison designed specifically to encourage death and discomfort. The movie takes you through several different kinds of desperation and asks questions about how one person can measure their own morality. It’s not only a deeply thought provoking film, but it’s also shot to perfection. For a movie that only takes place in cement rooms, it’s surprisingly visual just in its style and execution. The acting here is spectacular, and the characters are really what suck you in to understand this horrific and incredibly clever world of horror. If you like movies like The Lighthouse or Midsommar, this is certainly for you as it will challenge how you perceive film. If you have a hard time finding the purpose and understanding a film like this, it’s probably not for. Fortunately, this is exactly the kind of films I love, and of all the films in this new pseudo-horror genre that has surfaced, this is easily my favorite.