Directed by Nicholas Michael Jacobs

A mere 5 months after Nicholas Michael Jacobs sent us his first feature of the year Night (2019), which I famously roasted as “the worst movie I’ve seen this year, or any year” he bravely submitted another feature length film. At least this time you can see what’s happening on screen, and has a few inspired shots but mostly looks like a home video.

Urban Fears is movie made by someone who clearly has a passion for horror films, but simply doesn’t have the experience to pull off a watchable or well written script. One of the problems I always have with amateur horror is everything is needlessly slow. Much like Jacobs first film, you could have cut out a large amount of the run time and have an decent short film that would have had a sensible pace. There’s no need for the first 25 minutes of a kid going through drawers in low lighting and swearing. It doesn’t mean anything it’s just padding the run time.

The long sections of nothing are certainly a waste of time but at least it stops the underdeveloped characters that just keep showing up from talking. The dialogue and acting is so unnatural it’s almost the scariest part of the film. This movie runs through disposable characters and has multiple antagonists that just end up interacting. I do think the Doll is pretty scary itself, but there is so much more they could have done with it.

Overall it’s closer to being an actual “film” but needed a few draft rewrites to make it cohesive.


The film will be played in the Landmark’s Ritz Five movie theatre on Monday, September 30 only, may be shown in a few film festivals in the coming months and will be released via Amazon Prime Video in the fall!

Here is the movie theatre ticket link:

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